The People

The images below were all shot around the campfire in the Farina Station camping grounds. Each night at around 6pm after work finishes, most members gather for drinks and a progress post-mortem before going off to their evening meal. It gives the team leaders a chance to be brought up to date with any problems, and to the allocate the team tasks for the next day. Most of these images were shot in the available fire-light, using very low shutter speeds and without flash, so there is always a chance of movement of the camera, or the subject that can ruin the result.
Once a week the group meets for a communal meal - (The Camp Roast) - a very popular event!

Tom and the workers around the camp-fire
After work around the camp fire

Tom Harding addresses the group around the camp fire.

A drink in hand
Serving up

A well satisfied group muses with drink in hand, and to the right, the Camp Roast is sliced to go with the potato, peas, carrot, pumpkin and onion.

Kevin Dawes
Marinos dog

Kevin Dawes, Marino Viaina and his dog

Liz Cooke
Martin MacLennan
Barry Sheppard

Liz Cooke, Barry Sheppard and Martin MacLennan

Barry Sheppard
Tom Harding
Colynette Patrick

Barry Sheppard, Colynette Patrick, and Tom Harding

Tony Cooke
Margaret Sheppard
Bob Brownlee

Tony Cooke, Bob Brownlee, and Margaret Sheppard

Peter Cram
Rodney Cornish
Fran Cross

Peter Cram, Fran Cross, and Rodney Cornish

Toast to the Transcontinental
On Friday June 14, the official end of work for 2013 was celebrated with drinks all round out the front of the Transcontinental Hotel, and a BBQ at the Station Homestead.

During the day, the ABC Landline TV crew were filming and interviewing various Farina Restoration Group personnel, and in particular, those associated with the Bakery.

The crew were entertained on the Thursday evening with the final Camp Roast for the year, and BBQ Friday night.

The Landline segment went to air mid July.

Another ABC program - the 7.30 report will feature the arrival of the new (old) railway waggons at Farina. It went to air Friday June 21, 2013.