Simon at full draw
Simon is Helen’s and my son
He started archery at the age of 14 in 1984. Up until his retirement from the sport in 2005, he was selected for and competed in, 5 Olympic teams and 8 World Championship teams and dominated the sport in Australia winning countless national titles.
He remains the only archer worldwide (since the FITA round was introduced to World Championships) who has won a World Championships or Olympic Games title under two different competition formats. For various reasons, FITA has changed the format of competition several times since the ‘84 Olympics, which has been challenging for archers to adjust to.
The Highlight of his career is undoubtedly winning the 2000 Olympic Games Gold medal in front of a home crowd. He also won the 1991 World Target Championships in Krakow Poland.  He remains the only Australian to achieve either of these feats in the Olympic discipline.
Clint Freeman from Tasmania is the only other Australian to win a ‘Worlds’ - his win being in the non-Olympic discipline ‘Compound’ division.

Most of Simon’s work is either a carved piece or starts out as a carved master destined for casting.
Generally European Boxwood is the preferred medium for small carvings, as its hardness, combined with fine grain with no voids within the grain, makes it able to take incredible detail. Boxwood is a pale straw colour and is readily stained with various colourants.
Carving these small works is slow going and frequently they take 7-10 days or even much longer.
Little Dude
The little Dude's 7th Birthday
You might say that this was the Little Dude's Refreshment Station!

And these guys certainly knew how to get refreshed! Some even had to have body patches applied (although the wounds were not caused by over-eating).

As you can see there was a significant range of ages and ability. Some were quite obviously not terribly interested in the riding part (although suitably attired), but were present in their other capacity as party gastronomics.

The bulk of the refreshments were provided by proud Dad (Stephan) who is an ex Chef (and has still not been able to throw off the tendency to cook for a restaurant full of famished clients instead of a few of his son's school friends).

Don't mis-understand me now… I'm not criticising - I was in there with my ears back 'cos the fare was fit for a King's banquet table!
Hope you noticed that he does well as a medic too!
Big DFude
First attempt at shooting BMX
During a visit to the Adelaide South Parklands for my Grandson's 7th birthday, and while watching the little dudes race around the beginner's BMX track, I noticed in the background, a small group of teenage boys belting around a rather more challenging track.

I wandered over, equipped with my trusty Canon 50D and 70-200 lens and began an enthralling 30 minutes or so trying to capture the action. Shooting was difficult because I was forced to shoot from a low vantage point into a bright sky with a thin cloud cover, producing copious flare and difficulty in rapid focus/exposure adjustment.

Some of the images were acceptable, but the focussing accuracy was substandard.

Post processing was a nightmare, trying to correct for the extreme exposure variation and range.

I offer these few images as a record of my first exposure to BMX, and promise to return, and next time be a little better prepared!