Steamtown Roundhouse in Peterborough
Scape to South of Wistow
Welcome to my side of the lens.

This is a personal site, mainly dedicated to displaying some of my images in gallery form.
I'm happy to sell any of the images that you may find here, however the main purpose of the gallery is to showcase both my photography, and the Australian landscape and people.
It also works as a reference for those expressing an interest in having custom images produced for them.
Although my site name may suggest that I only photograph wild dogs, I’m interested in many facets of photography.

Flinders Ranges near Quorn

Many of my images certainly do feature dogs working with (mainly) sheep in a competition environment, however I also love to shoot portraits (informal), landscapes, macro, and built structures.
You will note that some of my images feature chimneys. These and fretwork adornments of old buildings are one of my many long term projects.
I would like to develop a style of landscape that is uniquely Australian, but does not necessarily feature country that is blatantly Australian. I live in an area that basically involves cropping and some grazing. This is the area on which I am concentrating my attention.

Browb Goshawk
Cookaburra ablutions
Dry stubble near Strathalbyn
Connie (dog) confronting sheep