Gardens - Home and Away

This page is intended to show some of the gardens that we have seen and interest us. Some have only been visited once, and the images were shot "on the fly" so to speak. Others have been covered in more detail.
The first garden is part of our own (a re-modelling of an old 1930's garden).
The selected images in this album currently cover one page, but the numbers will, over time increase.

The second image of Tulips growing at
Lambley provides a link to a page covering a number of other gardens - some in SA, and others interstate.
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This is a Google Maps sourced image of part of our property. Although sourced in 2017, the data available was generated in 2010 or thereabouts, so considerable changes have been made since then.
It does however, show some of the original landmarks that have now been removed!
In the lower right of this image, and almost lined up horizontally with the front garden, a large Stone Pine which was present in 1932, has now been removed, as it had become a fire risk - effectively coupling the cyprus hedge to the house (in fire terms).
The large olive tree on the immediate right, and overhanging house roof is still there, and we struggle to keep it pruned to minimise leaf and fruit deposits in the gutters.

On the left (West) of the house, the driveway has been altered to minimise garden watering from adding to salt damp damage of the 400mm thick bluestone house walls.

A large garage/workshop and about 153,000 litres of rainwater storage have been added over the past 50 years.

It's interesting to see the width of the cyprus hedge narrowing on the right hand end… this was a direct result of competition for water between the hedge and the original pine tree (now removed).
1930s garden

Part of a 1932 aerial photograph showing the South West corner of our property. We see here the South-West corner with the Dawson Creek following the tree line on the top left. The sheds centre bottom house the old Cobb & Co. (cobbled floor) changing station stables. The outdoor toilet can be seen directly above these sheds - it now resides inside the large workshop and garage.

The original house, built in the late 1860s is at the rear of the current house, and is now physically connected and under the main roof.

The original front garden layout can be seen between the front of the main house and the (already large) Cyprus hedge.
Lambley tulips

Numerous gardens in South Australia and Victoria are included in this gallery. I'll try to identify them in the image caption!